Words from the President

Renewal and change within EFTA

Dear EFTA colleagues  and visitors to our webpage,

Please take some time to browse our website, on this page you will find information about our organisation and its activities. We have a three-chamber structure consisting of the Chamber of Individual Members (CIM), Training Institutes Chamber (TIC) and the National Family Therapy Organisations Chamber (NFTO).  Our chamber pages provide a resource and fund of information for our members all across Europe.

Family and systemic therapists work in many different areas of practice, in the public and private health sphere, in universities, government departments  and businesses where systemic concepts and family therapy practice  are  making a difference in the lives of the families, colleagues and students that our members work with.

The three year cycle of the EFTA board and chamber boards elected in Athens in 2016 has come to an end. We have a new Board of EFTA and new boards for each chamber. I am very honoured to have been elected to serve as the EFTA president for the term 2019 -2022. What a month it has been!

We welcomed 1,600 participants to the Conference in Naples. We had four days filled with scientific exchange in the form of keynotes, round tables, symposia, invited dialogues, workshops, oral communications, posters and a magical dinner overlooking the bay of Naples under a full moon. We conducted a world federation meeting, the EFTA general assembly, EFTA award ceremony and EFTA chamber elections as part of a very busy schedule over our four days in Naples.

 We have to thank our two hardworking conference companies Symvoli and EP Congressi for their work in the  preparation and on the ground delivery of the conference.  Our thanks also to  the combined scientific and organising committees of EFTA and SIPPR, the Task Force group of EFTA and SIPPR who worked so hard in a very short timeframe to make this conference a reality and also the secretariats of EFTA and the three chamber secretaries of TIC, CIM and NFTO  who successfully galvanised  the international membership of EFTA to attend the conference.

The board of EFTA is so pleased that we were able to bring the vision for the conference  that our past president Rodolfo De Bernart expressed before his death to fruition.  There were so many highlights in the conference this year we are hoping in the next few weeks to be able to upload some of the images that we captured during this event to the gallery section of this website. 

EFTA boards renewal and changes.

The General assembly and elections to the boards of the EFTA chambers CIM, TIC and NFTO were conducted at the conference. We have welcomed three new members who have been elected to the boards of EFTA.  

Dr. Viola Sallay (Hungary) will be joining the CIM board.

Ms. Lucie Hornova  (Czech Republic) will be joining the NFTO board

 Prof, Dr. Matthias Ochs (Germany)  will be joining the NFTO board.

Dr Henk Pijnenburg (Netherlands) a board member of the NFTO for the past 6 years where he has held the post of treasurer ended his term on the NFTO board and we wish him well in his retirement.  The new General board of EFTA convened for the first time in the university of Parthenope in Naples and its first tasks were to elect new officers. The board has elected Monica Whyte (Ireland) as President

Monica Whyte