Words from the New President

Dear EFTA colleagues  and visitors to our webpage,

Please take some time to browse our website, on this page you will find information about our organisation and its activities. We have a three-chamber structure consisting of the Chamber of Individual Members (CIM), Training Institutes Chamber (TIC) and the National Family Therapy Organisations Chamber (NFTO).  Our chamber pages provide a resource and fund of information for our members all across Europe.

Family and systemic therapists work in many different areas of practice, in the public and private health sphere, in universities, government departments  and businesses where systemic concepts and family therapy practice  are  making a difference in the lives of the families, colleagues and students that our members work with.

Today is world Autism awareness day. People living with an Autism Spectrum Condition  can face significant challenges in a world that does not always recognise non visible disabilities and can react to them and their family members in a way that increases stigma and isolation.  In conversation with Mari Evans a Family Therapist and Neurodevelopmental Lead for Berkshire CYPF-CAMHS in the UK,  she  describes  what family therapy brings to autism is,  a curiosity about difference, an irreverence to diagnosis as a description of deficit and a celebration of diversity. We as therapists can invite families to share what challenges them, to celebrate their unique qualities and to embrace their uniqueness without fear of judgement or reprimand – be that if they are autistic or not. 

Creating communities of practice that are inclusive, tolerant and aware of neurodiversity is an important direction for our field, as are the articles and research papers that are highlighting the work of family and systemic therapists in this area. I hope that at our upcoming EFTA Congress in Naples  we will have an opportunity to hear more about their work. The abstract submission process is open and can be accessed form the link on this page.

Monica Whyte